Why Sell Your Commercial Note?

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to sell their commercial notes. The seller may want the lump sum of cash from the sale to make a major purchase, pay for their children’s college tuition, or eliminate credit card debt. Perhaps the commercial note is not producing the returns they had originally hoped. Regardless of the circumstances, sellers can rely on Note Buyer Go to buy their commercial note at a fair price. Let us take the property off your hands, so you can enjoy your money (within a week, month?).


What you can anticipate as a seller

Once you are certain about selling your note, the process begins. When investors are making a decision to buy a note, they require specific information. You can facilitate the process by anticipating the questions and having the appropriate documentation ready.

Investors pay attention to the loan to value (LTV) because it helps them assess the risk. They also use the investment to value (ITV) to minimize that risk and reduce exposure. As the seller, you have already set the LTV during the original financing process with the borrower. The details are important to investors, because at this point, the interest rate cannot be changed. Here are a few other things to keep in mind when dealing with buyers.

  • The investor will want to know whether the note is performing.
  • If it is underperforming, they will want to know why.
  • They might want to view the property to assess its condition if it is underperforming.
  • They will use the actual property value and not the original selling price in order to mitigate their risk
  • Buyers will evaluate the reliability of the borrower and their financial track-records.
  • They will want to know the interest rate, the amount of the deposit, and how much equity is in the collateral.
  • A note with a higher number of payments left on it is more appealing to investors than one with fewer.

If we buy your note directly or bring you together with another buyer, you can always rely on us.